In Our Sins, Come To God in Prayer

Daily Christian Devotionals

When we are in sin come to God in prayer. He knows your sorrows and is merciful to those that seek Him. There are many avenues we can choose to help with our pains but only one way yields eternal satisfaction. We can substitute other things in our lives to hide our lustful desires but we are still weak if God isn’t with us. The temptations of the devil will penetrate us to the heart. We can try to escape it but our flesh is too weak and we are apt to fall. The only way we can go forward in life and not fall victim to sin is with the Lord on our side. If He is in our lives then He is also our shield and our fortress. He fights for our cause when we are in harm’s way. The battle will rage on but we are equipped…

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Evangelize: Downtown Boise With God’s Word

Daily Christian Devotionals

If there was one thing that I wanted to do most tonight, it was to share God’s Word with people. If people needed prayers I’d lift them up to Jesus and then encourage them to read the Bible. It was encouraging to see three new faces come out and evangelize. They had come out in the past but it was wonderful to have them back with us sharing the gospel with the lost. The message I wanted to teach this evening, from the Word, was in 1Psalm 5. Anybody that had an ear to hear I’d share God’s words with them. To start off the night, I talked with a friend named Don. In our conversation, I came to find out that his desire to seek the Lord has been recent. He has had a renewed hope in God and loves reading the Bible each night. Along with Don…

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Seek The Lord In Trials

Daily Christian Devotionals

Sometimes it is hard to know why we go through trials. We can go through so many great days and then all of a sudden everything seems to fall apart. People we loved may have just passed away. The job we loved and brought in the money for our family is gone, for we have been fired or laid off. The person we thought loved us, we find out that they have been cheating on us. How can God let us go through such turmoil? We ask ourselves. In these dark moments it is difficult to piece together the missing pieces on our own. Everything we are going through doesn’t make any sense at all. In these times when you are feeling the pains of this world don’t forget the Lord. When things are rising up against you, seek His counsel that you may be able to bear it. Don’t…

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