Evangelize: Downtown Boise Focused On The Bible

Daily Christian Devotionals

It was a pleasure to witness the truths of God to the people in downtown Boise, this day. There were some people who were interested in talking about God and others that were not. However, even if one person out of a thousand accept Jesus into their heart and is saved it is all worth it. For this, I count each night, that I go out, worth it. Lives are changing and seeds are being planted. As we were walking , I gave this gentlemen a devotional card and encouraged him to read a daily message focused on Jesus. His answer was, “I will read them each day and keep Jesus close to my heart. Thank you so much”. His heart was given to seek God and I was so encouraged by that. We walked a little further and finally met this couple outside a restaurant . Our discussion began…

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Seek The Kingdom Of God

Daily Christian Devotionals

Seek the kingdom of God first in your lives. Jesus is the way to eternal happiness in this life and the life to come. Do you know this personally in your life? Have you been born again into His love? Can you see Jesus in your daily walk? If you can’t answer yes to these questions than your heart isn’t in the right place. Your treasure is apart from God. If we have idols in our lives that are taking our time away from Him, we must cast them out. Do all you can to draw nearer to God and less on things your flesh desires. We can either have temporary pleasure with things we gain throughout life or find eternal fulfillment in the Lord presence. Those that experience this great joy are not happy because of what the world gives them but what God gives them daily. There treasures…

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