Are You Christian?

Daily Christian Devotionals

How can we call ourselves Christians if our hearts are in the pleasures of the world. Just by going to church will not save us. We need to be convicted by the Word of God to be saved. We must develop a relationship with the Lord in prayer. There needs to be a change in our hearts. We must be born again and rid ourselves of all envy. We must tear down our pride. We must give our addictions to Jesus. We must learn to hate sin. The Lord has died for each of us. His blood was spilt for the redemption of mankind. We must pick up our cross and follow Him. The Lord is our light and will lead us safely home if we believe in Him. Give up what is holding you back. Cry out for mercy in sincere repentance. Let the healing hands of Jesus bring…

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God Is With Us

Daily Christian Devotionals

The Lord surely loves His children. There isn’t anything He wouldn’t do for us. He watches over us daily. He walks by our side and keeps us safe. His love radiate in all the hearts of His faithful. We can know that He is there through the Spirit of God. Tears of joy will stream down our face when His joy encompasses us. He loves us so much. For this reason He guides our lives and lets us know when we are off track. He speaks truth to our minds that we may know how to live. Once we are born again in Christ Jesus there are no chains that can hold us down. We are set free through the blood of the Lamb. All of our sins are washed clean. We are made pure in His sight. His healing is for all. His love endures all things.

God does…

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The Lord Blesses Our Families

Daily Christian Devotionals

The Lord has plans for each of us. He makes time for us. Let Him take you to new places you’ve never been before. Let Him mold you into a person He ought you to be. Through His mercy we can be washed clean. Come to know the Lord and let Him do a marvelous work in your life. Carry forth the love of Christ in your daily life. Seek His presence often that you may know how to live. Study the Bible and learn how to live a good life. Apply the things you’ve been taught and grow in the Spirit of God. The Lord is an almighty God. Come to Him in worship and give Him praise. Honor Him by the way you live your life and treat others. Trust in the Lord and He will make you fruitful. Your marriage will flourish. Your children will grow up…

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Receive Jesus As Lord

Daily Christian Devotionals

All we sinners need the light of Christ for salvation. The outcome of sin is spiritual death. In the moment we commit sin, we have left the Lord. The Spirit cannot dwell in sin. When we are under the effects of our transgression we can easily make more mistakes. Things can get out of hand quickly if we don’t do something to stop it. Our thoughts can quickly turn to lust if we aren’t protected by the Holy Spirit. It is only through prayer and reading the Bible, will we know how to live. If those things are absent in our lives we are more likely fall under temptation. When we hurt others it is our flesh acting out. If the Lord was with us we’d be loving one another. We’d know the very things that affect others for good and bad. If Jesus isn’t in our hearts than lives…

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