Do Not Covet What Is Not Yours

Daily Christian Devotionals

It’s amazing the things people do to get their way in life. Some people lie just to get what their heart desires, no matter the consequence. It doesn’t matter that there won’t be much money left for food for their family’s sake. Their family suffers and are left in need because of these bad choices. Greed makes us inconsiderate of others needs. Choices are made for the sake of the person only, even if it hurts another. Imagine if your grandfather was old and partially blind and before his death he wanted to divide his inheritance to his kids and grandkids. However, there was one of your brothers that was going to get something you wanted. Would you go so far as disguise yourselves appearance, scent and voice just to obtain your brothers inheritance? Most of you would say no, and I am grateful you are putting God first. However…

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