If You Love Jesus Keep His Commandments

Daily Christian Devotionals

If we truly have Jesus in our heart and love Him, we will keep His Commandments.  We may praise Him on Sundays, but if during the week we are doing our own thing and not what the Lord asks, His love won’t be in us.  We can only feel His Love when we abide in His will.  To all that love God, He will be with them. The Lord will send down the Holy Spirit to all the believers to help them choose the right. The Spirit of God is always willing to lead us if we let Him. This all starts when we make the Lord our highest priority.

All those that are loved by Jesus are also loved by the Father.  The Father watches over us all and is overjoyed when we’ve turned our life over to His Son, Jesus. Jesus Loves us all.  I can feel Him…

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