We Are Forgiven

Daily Christian Devotionals

As we accept the Lord Jesus into our hearts, we must call on His Name often in prayer. We must never forget the day He rescued us. He will be there to lift us up when we are at our weakest. He knows the temptations will be more fierce when we are alone. We must be strong in the Lord and lift Him up often. If He is in our hearts, He will be our shield when temptation strikes. If we just go about our day, doing our own thing, than it will be easier to fall. We are at our weakest when we don’t have a prayer in our heart. This is when sin becomes more appealing to the flesh. Satan sees us in these moments and feeds on our weaknesses. Soon, the ways of the world become attractive to our soul. We get reminders of how greats it…

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Do Not Covet What Is Not Yours

Daily Christian Devotionals

It’s amazing the things people do to get their way in life. Some people lie just to get what their heart desires, no matter the consequence. It doesn’t matter that there won’t be much money left for food for their family’s sake. Their family suffers and are left in need because of these bad choices. Greed makes us inconsiderate of others needs. Choices are made for the sake of the person only, even if it hurts another. Imagine if your grandfather was old and partially blind and before his death he wanted to divide his inheritance to his kids and grandkids. However, there was one of your brothers that was going to get something you wanted. Would you go so far as disguise yourselves appearance, scent and voice just to obtain your brothers inheritance? Most of you would say no, and I am grateful you are putting God first. However…

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If We Love Jesus We Will Change Our Lives

Daily Christian Devotionals

If we love Jesus we will change our lives for Him. We will do what it takes to get right with God. Paul, the Apostle, listed out many things that will impede us from entering the kingdom of God. Let us examine our hearts to see where we stand with God while reading this scripture.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10
9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites,
10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.

Do you practice any of these things above? If so come to the Lord with it. Do the necessary things to change your life. Accept Jesus in your heart. Let Him wash away that sin that…

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If You Love Jesus Keep His Commandments

Daily Christian Devotionals

If we truly have Jesus in our heart and love Him, we will keep His Commandments.  We may praise Him on Sundays, but if during the week we are doing our own thing and not what the Lord asks, His love won’t be in us.  We can only feel His Love when we abide in His will.  To all that love God, He will be with them. The Lord will send down the Holy Spirit to all the believers to help them choose the right. The Spirit of God is always willing to lead us if we let Him. This all starts when we make the Lord our highest priority.

All those that are loved by Jesus are also loved by the Father.  The Father watches over us all and is overjoyed when we’ve turned our life over to His Son, Jesus. Jesus Loves us all.  I can feel Him…

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Learn To Love Jesus

Daily Christian Devotionals

When we decide to come to Jesus we need to learn to love Him.  Loving Him doesn’t just mean giving Him praise in song.  It doesn’t just mean seeking Him in Prayer.  Those things help the love grow but even Jesus will wonder about our love for Him until we have fully devoted ourselves to Him.  To devote ourselves to Jesus means a life change within our heart.  We decide that we no longer want to walk in the ways of the world.  We decide to give up things in life that hold us back.  We decide that giving love to others is most important.  We put our faith in Jesus and not men so we aren’t led astray.  We go to church and make friends in the faith.  That they may be strengthened by the testimony of Jesus.

A true love for Jesus doesn’t come easy.  It doesn’t come…

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Light To The World

Daily Christian Devotionals

We must look deep in our hearts to know who reigns most supreme. Is it the world or God? Most people would automatically say God without even thinking twice. However, if we looked inward we would know what most fascinates us. Sure, I love sports and am excited when the Lakers win their games. I even get pretty loud if there is a good play on the court. This is fine and all as God wants us to be happy. It’s when all of our happiness is in our hobbies or things we watch on TV is where things can get out of hand. If you shout for your favorite team than shout even louder for our Lord Jesus. If you tell your friends and family about a game than also get up and proclaim the good of news of Jesus Christ. Don’t hide the love of Jesus in your…

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Lead Me Lord

Daily Christian Devotionals

Even when we think we know where to go in life, we must pray about it and let the Lord guide us. Stay steadfast in the Word of God daily that the Lord may speak to you through His words. Any one verse may be just what we need to get an answer from God. He surely speaks through His words. The Word of God was left for each of us to get nearer to Him. No other book will lead us to happiness like the Bible. The words bear hope for a new day. It shows us how to love one another. Allow the Lord to take you by the hand and lead you. Things may appear one way but the Lord may have another plan for you. He may have something else in mind altogether. If we pray and seek His counsel He will deliver His answer in our…

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Don’t Give Up

Daily Christian Devotionals

Esau, the brother of Jacob, once had a birthright from his father but he gave it up for a bowl of stew. He loved the way it tasted and was willing to give everything for just one bite. He despised his birthright and would rather do his own thing in life. We are all made children of God when we follow the Lord. We can either live for God or give up His blessings for selfish reasons. The love of God is given freely. It doesn’t matter who we are, the Lord loves us the same. However, even though the Lord blesses us so much most people forget His love. They lose their sights on Him and are less appreciative of His gifts. Things in life become more important to them than the blessings of God. They’d rather give up the love He’s given them for something new. By doing…

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Thankful For Women

Daily Christian Devotionals

I give thanks to all mothers and soon to be mothers for all you have to go through in child birth. What you are doing is an amazing thing. To think of all the pain you must go through for nine months is hard to imagine. The Lord has surely given you all a great responsibility in child-bearing. To all you husbands, do all you can to make your spouse be comfortable during these long months ahead. They need your support badly. I thank the Lord that there are women like you out there, that have courage to go through pregnancy. Children are blessed from God and need good women to raise them up in the Lord. Thank You for choosing the one true God and bringing these sweet little babies into the world. There are many temptations out there to give up and have an abortion but you stick…

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