Be Near Oh Lord

Daily Christian Devotionals

Be near Oh Lord, all the days of our life. When we falter, raise us up to walk a new with You again. This life can be tough and we need your help. We experience so many obstacles each day that try to drive us away from you. These temptations are satisfying to the flesh but hurt our soul. We are tired of walking aimlessly, not knowing which way to go. All this does is put a wrench in our heart. It fills us with temporary joy but sorrow thereafter. Your love is greater and we long for it. Come near to us and give us rest. Take our sorrow and bring us to a place of comfort. Lead us to a place where there is only peace. We long for your eternal joy where there is no pain. Your love is powerful and lifts us up to follow You…

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God Delivers Us

Daily Christian Devotionals

There are times when our faith is tried in order to see how faithful we are to God. Sometimes it is a small thing that we go through. We may be with a group of friends or co-workers that aren’t using the best language. We could either step away, tell them we don’t like what they are saying or engage with them. An easy way out would be to step away and sometimes this is best. If the circumstances are unsafe we should get away. If we are with friends or at work then just stepping away won’t solve the issue. This occurrences will continue time and again unless we either tell them how we feel or engage with them in their speaking. Going on in conversation using fall language will make them feel like you enjoy what they are saying. Many people do this and don’t even realize how…

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Live To Praise God

Daily Christian Devotionals

We are to live an honorable life before God. Every day, our desires should be to live up to His statutes. We are to live for the Lord for He is our strength. There is hope smiling down from the heavens above. Live each day to praise God. Lift Him up high. Sing songs of praise. He has rescued each of us from sin. Thank Him for your new life. Imagine what your life would be like without the Lord. Let all the world know that the path to heaven is Jesus. His love is for all men. Let your light so shine before men. Seek the Lord and make better choices. People will notice us. As they ask questions speak from your heart. Let the love of God be on your mind. Speak of His salvation for all men. Share the Word of God with them. If they are…

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Have No Fear

Daily Christian Devotionals

There are times in life that we feel all alone. The trials we are facing are too difficult to bear. We wander not knowing where to go next. Nobody seems to understand the problems we are facing. When sadness is in your heart, know that there is someone you can turn to. The Lord is near and is watching over us. He is ready and willing to take us by the hand and lift us up. All of our burdens will be made light. He will take them upon Him and carry us through the storms. All of our anxiety will be turned into peace. He will pull us through the hard times. All we need to do is pray. Turn your brokenness into submissiveness to the Lord. Let the Lord enter your life. Make room for the Lord in your heart. You may think that there is nothing that…

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Thankful For All Fathers

Daily Christian Devotionals

How thankful I am this day for all father’s. Thank You Lord for giving me the best dad I’d ever ask for. I am grateful to be raised by such loving parents. My father always made time for me. He always wanted to know what was going on in my life. He was the best listener. No matter where I was in life he still loved me. There was nothing I could do to him to walk away from me. He was there till the end. His counsel was wise and heartfelt. He always saw the best in me. I loved every minute I could spend with him. He was my best friend I could ever hope for. He taught me to love the Lord with all my heart. He always told me how important it was to follow Jesus and love our fellow men. He knew this life wouldn’t…

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I Choose To Follow God

Daily Christian Devotionals

Follow the Lord and not your own understanding lest you fall flat on your face. The Lord has the best intentions for each of us. It is up to us to follow Him. We need to give up anything that impedes our progression in the faith. If you are caught up in addictions by the things you own, discard them from your life. If your bad attitudes are caused by people you associate with, discover friends in the faith. Be around people that share common beliefs. If our lives continue down our own paths we will stray further and further from God. We can’t be treading the line when it comes to our faith. We need to be all in for Jesus. Something must give in our lives. Nothing will change if our hearts aren’t given over to the Lord. On the way out of Sodom, Lot’s wife was on…

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Declare The Good News

Daily Christian Devotionals

Declare the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. Be ready to receive His calling from on high. Open your eyes and ears to hear Him speak. Accept the Holy Spirit into your hearts. Open your mind to learn of God’s ways through the Bible. The Second Coming of our Lord is near. We must warn people of the eternal judgments awaiting them if they don’t repent. The angels said to Lot, “Have you anyone else here? Son-in-law, your sons, your daughters, and whomever you have in the city—take them out of this place!” Let there be a warning to all the unbelievers that hell is real. Just as the angels told Lot’s family to escape the city. We must leave our sins in the past or be forever in chains after this life. Some people may laugh and take us “to be joking” with them when we declare…

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The Righteous Are Saved

Daily Christian Devotionals

If you desire to live in God’s kingdom then He asks that we be righteous. It doesn’t matter the city we live in. We need to be honorable before the Lord. We must not fall victim to the wicked ways of the people we live by. Sodom was very much like the city of our time. There is so much wickedness on this earth but it is up to us on how we live our lives. It’s because of the faithful believers that the Lord takes vengeance on the wicked and not the righteous. Abraham had a brother in the city of Sodom, Lot, and pleaded with the Lord for the safety of His family. He asked if only ten people were righteous that the city would be saved. The Lord agreed. His angels would search out the city for the righteous. All the pure in heart would be saved…

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Cast Your Burdens On The Lord

Daily Christian Devotionals

This is your time to show Jesus how much you love Him.  Get down on your knees and express the feelings of your heart.  If you need anything in your life tell Him.  If you are suffering let Him help you.  Give your whole heart to Him.  For He will come to you.  He will come to you even in your weakest moments.  He will share His love with you.  He will bear your burdens.  He will lift your sorrows.  He will take all your pain.  He will embrace you.  There is no one on earth that you can put your full trust in.  If anybody has ever betrayed just know that Jesus will never leave you.  His love is unconditional.  You can fully trust in Him.

I love the Lord more anything else.  His love is a light burning in my soul.  He leads me by His Holy Spirit. …

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Live To Death Or Live To Life?

Daily Christian Devotionals

Sodom was a city engulfed in sin. What the people were doing there was so evil that the Lord was made known of their crimes in heaven. The Lord said, “Because the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grave, I will go down now and see whether they have done altogether according to the outcry against it that has come to Me; and if not, I will know.” Even the smallest of cities are still seen by the Lord. There is no sin that can be covered up. The people practiced immorality like it was nothing. There was no sense of punishment for the sexual sins they were committing. They were outwardly displaying their lustful nature before men. The things they did grieved those in heaven. Our time is not much different than theirs. With access to technology, pornography is rampant among teens…

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