Remember Me Lord

Daily Christian Devotionals

When others are putting down Jesus, stand up for Him. When people blaspheme His Name, call them out. Lift up the Lord for He desires our honor and praise. It is taught that if we lift up the Name of Jesus and call upon His Name, we are saved. Just as the thief on the cross, on Calvary, was convicted of his faults and turned to Jesus. Though He was being put to death, by the people, because of His great sins, the Lord took Him in. All it took was a change of heart. As He was found convicted by the love of Jesus, he began to lift Him up. He witnessed to the other thief that He was a good man. It is written, “And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. But the other answering…

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Jesus Died Unto Sin

Daily Christian Devotionals

There is a new beginning for each of you and it begins with the cross. Because Jesus “died unto sin”, we have forgiveness and mercy. Through His resurrection, those in Christ “liveth unto God”. Look to Jesus for salvation. Through His sacrifice over sins we are promised eternal life if we believe in Him. If you take His hand He will do wondrous things in your life. It all starts when you put your trust in Jesus. When you give your lives to Him, your “old life is dead with Christ”. “Our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed”. We are no longer in the likeness of the world but “in the likeness of his resurrection”. Our bodies no longer need the effects of sin to give us temporary satisfaction. We do “not serve sin” for we find our fullness in Christ. This…

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Evangelize: Downtown Boise Focused On The Bible

Daily Christian Devotionals

It was a pleasure to witness the truths of God to the people in downtown Boise, this day. There were some people who were interested in talking about God and others that were not. However, even if one person out of a thousand accept Jesus into their heart and is saved it is all worth it. For this, I count each night, that I go out, worth it. Lives are changing and seeds are being planted. As we were walking , I gave this gentlemen a devotional card and encouraged him to read a daily message focused on Jesus. His answer was, “I will read them each day and keep Jesus close to my heart. Thank you so much”. His heart was given to seek God and I was so encouraged by that. We walked a little further and finally met this couple outside a restaurant . Our discussion began…

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Seek The Kingdom Of God

Daily Christian Devotionals

Seek the kingdom of God first in your lives. Jesus is the way to eternal happiness in this life and the life to come. Do you know this personally in your life? Have you been born again into His love? Can you see Jesus in your daily walk? If you can’t answer yes to these questions than your heart isn’t in the right place. Your treasure is apart from God. If we have idols in our lives that are taking our time away from Him, we must cast them out. Do all you can to draw nearer to God and less on things your flesh desires. We can either have temporary pleasure with things we gain throughout life or find eternal fulfillment in the Lord presence. Those that experience this great joy are not happy because of what the world gives them but what God gives them daily. There treasures…

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Love Between Husband and Wife

Daily Christian Devotionals

The love manifested between man and woman is an instinct given by God. From the beginning God created man and woman to love one another. The feelings we get when we are around our significant other are amazing. Just looking into their eyes can carry us away into new heights. The touch of their hands can give us chills for we are overcome with so much joy. These were the same feelings that Isaac and Rebecca had when they first saw each other. It is recorded that “Rebekah lifted her eyes, and when she saw Isaac she dismounted from her camel.” As she gazed at Isaac she asked “Who is this man walking in the field to meet us?” After discovering it was Isaac, the servants master, she was caught up in radiant love and took a veil to cover herself. It was this same feeling of immense happiness that…

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Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness — so why isn’t the medical community helping patients?

ACEs Too High

ADonnaDadWhen I was twelve, I was coming home from swimming at my neighbor’s dock when I saw an ambulance’s flashing lights in our driveway. I still remember the asphalt burning my feet as I stood, paralyzed, and watched the paramedics take away my father. It was as if I knew those flashing lights were a harbinger that my childhood was over.

At the hospital, a surgeon performed “minor” elective bowel surgery on my young dad. The surgeon made an error, and instead of my father coming home to the “welcome home” banners we’d painted, he died.

The medical care system failed my father miserably. Then the medical care system began to fail me.

At fourteen, I started fainting. The doctors implied I was trying to garner attention. In college I began having full seizures. I kept them to myself, fearful of seeming a modern Camille. I’d awaken on the floor drenched…

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Sing Praises To The Lord

Daily Christian Devotionals

Sing out your praises to the one true King. Praise the Lord in Song. Shout Hosanna with all your soul. Give glory to our Lord Jesus. He is the one true God who gives us life abundant. Through His grace we are saved to life eternal. All those that come to know Him personally will be found worthy in His sight. All it takes is a broken heart and a willingness to follow Him. Take His hand and let Him guide your every move. Be one in Christ Jesus. He will take you deeper, each day that you seek Him. We are made new because of Jesus. He holds our heads up. He makes us stronger each day. He reminds us who we are.

My help is in the Lord. He is my hope and my strength. My trust is in Jesus. Through repentance I’ve discovered His mercy. His forgiveness…

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We Are Made New

Daily Christian Devotionals

The Lord calls us closer each day. He wants to be in our lives. Do we have an ear to hear Him? Jesus is beckoning us to follow Him. Seek Him and you shall find Him. There is a promise that if we believe in Him we shall be saved. For He is our Savior and Judge. If we give in to His love, He will do a miracle in our lives. We will be made new. He will restore our soul. Our sins will be forgiven. We are washed clean in His sight. We are redeemed through His blood. Though we don’t deserve it, He has compassion on us. We are made alive in Christ the Lord. Our past addictions have been given over to God. We are no longer enslaved by sin. We long to be with Jesus. We’ve found joy that never ends. Call on the Name…

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Are You Christian?

Daily Christian Devotionals

How can we call ourselves Christians if our hearts are in the pleasures of the world. Just by going to church will not save us. We need to be convicted by the Word of God to be saved. We must develop a relationship with the Lord in prayer. There needs to be a change in our hearts. We must be born again and rid ourselves of all envy. We must tear down our pride. We must give our addictions to Jesus. We must learn to hate sin. The Lord has died for each of us. His blood was spilt for the redemption of mankind. We must pick up our cross and follow Him. The Lord is our light and will lead us safely home if we believe in Him. Give up what is holding you back. Cry out for mercy in sincere repentance. Let the healing hands of Jesus bring…

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God Is With Us

Daily Christian Devotionals

The Lord surely loves His children. There isn’t anything He wouldn’t do for us. He watches over us daily. He walks by our side and keeps us safe. His love radiate in all the hearts of His faithful. We can know that He is there through the Spirit of God. Tears of joy will stream down our face when His joy encompasses us. He loves us so much. For this reason He guides our lives and lets us know when we are off track. He speaks truth to our minds that we may know how to live. Once we are born again in Christ Jesus there are no chains that can hold us down. We are set free through the blood of the Lamb. All of our sins are washed clean. We are made pure in His sight. His healing is for all. His love endures all things.

God does…

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